Information Services

L&D Associates is equipped and staffed with the appropriate expertise to deliver to its clients the most up-to-date information in the form of literature searches, health policy information, health data research, and others. These data are crucial to the development of grant and contract applications, program evaluation strategies and program improvement.

  • Complete information database for grant and contract writing
  • Up-to-date information relevant to your specific task.
  • Know your competition’s efforts and advances.

Consumer Health Information

The capacity of health consumers to participate in their medical care is dependent on the acquisition and comprehension of relevant and specific consumer health information. L&D Associates is uniquely positioned to assist and consult with its clients on the search and acquisition of health and biomedical information.

L&D Associates will assist the client in navigating through the increasing number of health-related web sites that may deliver inaccurate or misleading data and information. Recent reports have demonstrated these issues. Click on the links below for specific studies.

University of North Carolina Greensboro Consumer Health Links

Medical College of Georgia Patient Education Resources

Subscribe to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter

MedLine Plus National Library of Medicine

How to evaluate health information on the Internet

Comprehensive literature search

Staff have more than 20 years of experience in the field of information searching and retrieval. Staff will consult with the client on the precise needs and develop an appropriate search strategy based on that consultation.

Health policy research

Current issues in health policy involve a wide variety of concerns for healthcare professionals, administrators and patients. The federal government, healthcare industry and patient advocacy groups develop strategies based on policy shifts and public opinion and individual group needs. L&D Associates’ staff will effort to deliver to its clients the most relevant information.

Health-related research data research

Public health grant and contract applications require not only data generated by research programs but those data from other sources. L&D Associates staff are well equipped to search and deliver the needed data to its clients. Staff will search state, local and federal agencies for the necessary data to compliment the grant or contract application.