Information Outreach

L&D Associates Consulting Group is pleased to announce that it has received a series of contracts from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (South Central Region) to provide mobile health information training services to health care professionals and health care consumers.

Santa Fe Indian Hospital’s Access to Electronic Consumer Health Information Program

L&D Associates Consulting Group, Inc., in collaboration with the Santa Fe Indian Hospital, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. The contract, entitled Access to Electronic Consumer Health Information, will address health information needs of Tribal communities served by the Santa Fe Indian Hospital.

The Program will continue to provide training workshops on the use of PubMed, Loansome Doc and other evidence-based medical information resources for paraprofessionals in the Santa Fe Indian Hospital’s service area and eHealth access training to health consumers in the area.

L&D Associates will begin scheduling training sessions through the Santa Fe Indian Hospital and the New Mexico State Library. One training session will be held at the Albuquerque Area Office of the Indian Health Service.

Training will be offered in the following areas:

  • eHealth
  • PubMed
  • LoansomeDoc
  • MedLine Plus
  • Search Engines
  • Document Retrieval
  • Public Health Resources on the Net
  • Online Consumer Health
  • Tox Map

In 2005, L&D Associates Consulting Group along with the Santa Fe Indian Hospital was awarded a Health Information Outreach to Special Populations grant. This program will provide public health nurses in the Indian Hospital with handheld computers to search, retrieve and deliver relevant evidence-based health information at the point-of-care in Tribal health centers in rural and frontier New Mexico.

PubMed Training

An online training program is available at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Click on the NN/LM logo below to go to the training tools.

National Network of Libraries & Medicine

Search PubMed by clicking on the icon below.


MDoT is an application for PDAs that retrieves MEDLINE citations directly from the PDA through a wireless connection to the Internet. MDoT features include several PubMed search limits, a history of previous queries, the ability to save citations to the Memo Pad, two clustered results options, and link-out to full-text Web sites.

MEDLINE Database on Tap Screen Shot Examples

When the Auto Spell Check option is selected, ambiguous search terms are replaced with those terms suggested by an internal NLM e-spell utility for the actual search. The actual terms used are shown at the bottom of the Search tab.

As an alternative to the default PubMed search engine, you can select Essie, an experimental probabilistic search engine developed at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications. Essie ranks results by relevance, then by date.

These options can be combined with any (or all!) of the other search options. Also, a big, friendly モGoヤ button has replaced the magnifying glass as the icon to tap to execute your search. Screenshots explaining the new options can be seen at MDoT Screen Shot Examples.