Services & Products

L&D Associates Consulting Group is the link between your unique Grant funding and/or program needs and desires, and the world of grant program evaluation, grant sourcing, writing, program design, development and maintenance, and overall grant program management.

We provide superlative grant writing and full grant program management services as well as internal grant program and management development services to our clients. One key component of our grant writing success over the last 2 decades comes for our unique ability to listen carefully and completely and to then produce a proposal that is written in the very individual ”voice”  of our client.

  1. Customized research process to match your unique needs and culture with the funding agency(s):  Appropriate linkage with a funding agency assures the client of reaching the right audience for their application.   Our experience includes federal, state, and local agencies as well private foundations. Our knowledge base is tasked to make the best match for each client.
  2. Program development:  We have more than 25 years of “successful” experience in developing research oriented and community-based programs. We use that experience to help the client define their goals and objectives and identify their expected outcomes.
  3. Proposal management and writing:  We write YOUR proposals in YOUR “voice.”  The final product (application) is the client’s, not ours.  Our goal is to ensure the client’s IDEA, NEED and SOLUTIONS are heard in the application.  We deliver to the client an edited, client-approved, completed document ready for submission to the funding agency.
  4. Program evaluation: The L&D are recognized experts in the conduct off process, summative and outcomes evaluations.  We have been members of the American Evaluation Association for over 2 decades.
  5. Training and Development – Grant Sourcing, Writing, Program Evaluation and Internal Program Design, Development, Management: L&D Associates engages each client in the grant writing process and evaluation mechanisms.  Engagement is achieved through training and participation.  Clients knowledgeable in the processes will participate in the grant writing effort and give their “voice” to the document.

    a. Training & Development Modules

    i. Grant Program Development & Management: With more than 25 years of experience in the preparation, submission and administration of federal and private grant and contract applications L&D Associates is prepared to assist the client with the internal development of these policy, process and programmatic assets.

    ii. Grant Writing: L&D Associates will present a training program tailored to the client’s needs and specifications. The curriculum will provide the client with the appropriate training necessary to assume the functions of grant writing, submission and administration. This is a "nuts and bolts" presentation designed to give the client the tools necessary to manage their own writing, submission and administration of their grant and contract efforts. L&D Associates believe the best grant is the one written by those who will perform the work in the project. L&D Associates is here to help the client get to that point and become successful grant writes and managers.

For the full presentation from L&D Associates please contact us directly for a quote and to schedule online access or an on-site presentation by our staff.