Research Interests


The conception, design, implementation, and evaluation of any project require the acquisition of relevant supporting documentation and assessment of work from other experts in a particular field. L&D Associates is equipped to consult with the client and develop appropriate search strategies for this process.

Current Research Focus

L&D Associates Consulting Group has a wide variety of research and project interests. The following is a list of currently funded research projects on which we are focused.

  • Rural health policy
  • Diabetes prevention and intervention in underserved populations
  • Information access in rural and frontier regions
  • Behavioral health managed care contracts
  • Community development finance
  • Asset building
  • Financial literacy improvement programs
  • Child sexual abuse prevention strategies
  • K-12 education programs
  • Sustainability strategies for renewable resource projects
  • Rural telecommunications
  • Organ donor registration
  • Residential treatment centers
  • Transitional living centers
  • K-12 physical education programs
  • K-12 literacy programs
  • Childhood immunization
  • Improvements to law enforcement telecommunications for homeland security
  • Cardiovascular disease risk reduction research
  • Domestic violence prevention and intervention
  • Maternal child health research

L&D Associates Bibliography

L&D Associates staff has published peer reviewed manuscripts for more than 20 years. That experience affords the client the experience necessary to move research data and project results from the analysis phase to the publication process. L&D Associates is well aware of the issues of privacy and confidentiality that are important to the client. These concerns will be addressed prior to the initiation of any publication process.